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     Something that is supposed to appeal to the heart,                 
                                should come from the heart.

For over fifteen years the sophisticated gastronomy is not just a profession for us but also a calling, ardour and passion.

We unify in our restaurant dreizehn sinne the experience from our profession and our home and abroad journeys. Apprenticeship and in-service training as well as our professional experience were helpful to develop a unique style.

Our thirst of knowledge in the field of gastronomy and our urge drive to be able to live out personal creativity, make our restaurant to what it is: Something very special. 


2016 * Michelin

2016 16 Gault Millau points

»The setting is unique, the kitchen performance at a
very high level: Cornelius Speinle -our discovery of the
year 2015 in German-speaking Switzerland has not
rested on his laurels since his almost meteoric rise in
the last year .... No doubt: Cornelius Speinle is on his
way to the top in high speed. «

2015 Anuga, Chef of the Year, Cologne
( Vice-champion Cornelius Speinle )

2015 * Michelin

2015 15 GaultMillau points
( High level of cuisine and quality )
Discovery of the Year in German-speaking Switzerland

2015 Winners in the Category Gourmet Best of Swiss Gastro Award

2007 1st Place Concours National des Jeunes Commis Rotisseurs Chaîne des Rôtisseurs


Cornelius Speinle
2003-2006 Apprenticeship as a chef at Theaterrestaurant
Schaffhausen / Switzerland under the direction of Roger Werlé (Today: Restaurant zum Riet, Schaffhausen)

2006-2008 Les Quatre Saisons
Basel / Switzerland (Peter Moser) * Michelin

2008-2009 Gästehaus Erfort,
Saarbrücken / Germany (Klaus Erfort) *** Michelin

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Kirstin Speinle
2001-2004 Apprenticeship as Hotel Manager
***** Colombi Hotel, Freiburg / Germany
(Alfred Klink) * Michelin

2004 Commis de Rang
Restaurant Tantris, München / Germany (Hans Haas) ** Michelin

2004 Assistant Restaurant Manager,
Vinorant Alter Hof, München / Germany

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