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Heading for new shores
With mixed feelings, we would like to say goodbye
to you, our dear guests. We will close our restaurant
on April 30th and will be heading north.

Cornelius Speinle will continue to expand and
demonstrate his distinctive kitchen style in the
gourmet restaurant of the luxushotel
»The Fontenay« in July 2017.

We would be particularly happy, when we might be
meeting our guests, there again.

Thank you for your loyalty - as for us it was a 
very special and intense time in thirteen senses.

What will become of our cute, cosy house and
unique concept?

The detached house will be available for sale by the
end of April. If you are interested, please feel free to
contact us. We‘ll be happy to procure the necessary

Or are you a restaurateur and you can imagine to
continue and lead the thirteen senses? We would love 
to pass on our lovingly elebroated concept!

If you are interested in renting the single-family home
and the restaurant, please don ́t hesitate to contact us. 

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